Monday, October 10, 2011

Soup Week: Baked Potato Soup

Baked Potato Soup
serves 5

2 Russet Potatoes, Washed and Dried
2 Cups Cauliflower, Stems Removed and Cut into Florets, Fresh or Frozen
1 1/2 Cups Low-Sodium Fat-Free Chicken Broth
1 1/2 Cups Skim Milk
Salt and Pepper
1/2 Cup Light Sour Cream
6 Tablespoons Chopped Chives, Divided
10 Tablespoons Reduced-Fat Shredded Cheddar Cheese, Divided
3 Slices of Bacon, Cooked and Crumbled

Pierce potatoes with a fork.  Microwave potatoes on high for 5 minutes turn over then microwave an additional 3-5 minutes until potatoes are tender.  Let potatoes cool and peel (if desired).  Meanwhile, steam cauliflower with water in a large covered pot until tender if using fresh.  If using frozen, cook according to package directions.  Once the cauliflower is tender, place in a large pot with potatoes, chicken broth and milk.  Puree until smooth using an immersion blender or a stand blender.  Add sour cream, half the chives, salt and pepper, and cook on medium-low heat for 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally.  To serve, ladle into bowls and top with cheese, bacon and remaining chives.

Growing up, my mom would occasionally make us loaded baked potatoes for dinner with bacon, cheese sauce, steamed broccoli, butter and sour cream.  That was definitely one of my favorite meals, although sometimes I piled my potato so high with toppings that I wasn't able to finish it all.  I was eager to try this recipe because it tastes just like a baked potato but you can better control the portions.  And it's 'skinny'!
On a side note, I served this as a main course and only got a little more than 3 servings out of the recipe, even though it says 5 servings!

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