Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Eating on a Budget

Eating on a Budget

Raise your hand if you don't like saving money.  Yeah, that's what I thought.  Although saving money on your grocery bill is sometimes easier said than done.  I've complied a few tips that I try to do to make that process a little easier.

7 Tips For Stretching Your Grocery Bill

1.  Eat less meat.  Instead try to:
2.  Eat more beans, legumes, and eggs.  These are all inexpensive ways to add protein to your meals.  I also like to add beans to recipes to stretch them out a little more.
3.  Buy in bulk.  If you have room for storage, buying in bulk can save you big.
4.  Take time to write a shopping list and search for coupons.  Impulse buys and going shopping hungry can defiantly hurt your grocery bill.  And it seems like those impulse buys are never a healthy choice anyways!  
5.  BYOB - bring your own reusable bags.  A lot of places are giving a small discount or incentives for bringing your own bags.  Plus, you help the environment.
6.  Make your own.  Cooking from scratch is a great way to save money.  Too busy on weeknights?  Spend a weekend afternoon prepping for the week by planning, chopping, and cooking so that you have less to do on the busy nights.
7.  Eat smaller portions.  One of the worst feelings for me is feeling stuffed.  I like to eat till I'm content instead of full.  Eating smaller portions not only makes your meals go farther, you'll feel better when you're done eating.  One trick I have is to eat on smaller plates because it makes your meal look bigger than it actually is.

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What do you do to save on the grocery bill?

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