Sunday, September 28, 2014

Quinoa Week

I'd like to introduce you to my new best friend, quinoa!  Quinoa is always up for anything - salads, breakfast, main dishes, you name it!  Quinoa is a little fussy, she likes to take a little shower before she gets to work, but once that's done quinoa is a blast!  Quinoa is a grain that is all the rage on the food blogs recently.  You might be wondering if there's a difference between red, black, rainbow, or regular quinoa?  Answer:  Nope, no difference!  When you're shopping choose whichever color you think would look best with the dish.  I usually get the regular quinoa because it comes in the biggest bag at Target.  (I've been going through tons of it!)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks! I did not know what quinoa was, much less how to pronounce it. Sounds very good & looks like a great Scrabble word, too.